Injury Attorney Richard MorseThe vehicle accident you remained in possibly led to you injuring your jaw, particularly the temporomandibular joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Whatever their cause, TMJ conditions can be devastating, and in extreme cases, they may just be recovered through surgery. Contact Richard Morse, your trusted injury attorney in San Diego.

When car crashes lead to TMJ conditions

Rear-end crashes send out a force that triggers an individual’s neck to quickly snap back and forth, straining or tearing the neck muscles and ligaments and leaving the individual with a condition called whiplash. That same force can cause a TMJ condition by pressing the jaw open and applying additional pressure to each TMJ. A situation can also arise when victims hit their jaw on the control panel or guiding wheel or when an airbag releases and strikes their jaw.

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A wide range of signs

The majority of victims with TMJ conditions will seldom open their mouths widely, eat, or chew without discomfort. Often, their jaw may lock up.
Chronic earaches
Continual headaches
Hearing loss

Having it identified and dealt with

Crash victims with neck and shoulder pain might attribute it to whiplash and never have it effectively identified by a dental expert or an ear, nose, and throat expert. If they do, they could have the TMJ condition treated in various ways, perhaps starting with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a heat or ice treatment, and facial massages. Ought to the signs persist, victims might need to undergo surgery.

Crash victims and personal injury law

Under this state’s injury laws, you might be able to seek compensation from the driver’s insurance company that caused the mishap. A reasonable settlement is far from guaranteed as insurance companies have a legal team ready to combat for them, so you might desire a lawyer to represent you. The lawyer might bring in private investigators and other third parties to help strengthen the case.